While Italy is one country politically, it encompasses twenty distinct regions with unique dietary preferences and local recipes, developed through centuries of historical division and turmoil.

Modern Italian regional cooking is notably diverse, what all of the regions have in common is a devotion to high quality ingredients. Rather than serving elaborate dishes, each recipe features as few as four ingredients. Each flavor shines through, thanks to the elegant simplicity. One advantage to Italy’s preference for simple foods is the ease of preparation. The majority of Italian cooking recipes are easy to prepare. This is one reason for the international popularity of Italian food.

Unfortunately there is also a dark side in this global success. While many foreign chefs understand very well the role of fresh ingredients when cooking Italian food, most often then not Italian cuisine has been bastardized and reduced to mass produced fast food. The objective of the Gusto Regional Cuisine dinners is therefore to rediscover the distinct regional flavors of regional cooking and allow Singaporean Residents to indulge in the variety of Italian food tastes while at home.

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