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Research & Education (also known as GRIS - Gruppo Ricercatori Italiani a Singapore) is a group of individuals involved in academic and commercial research in Singapore, which promotes the concept of brain exchange and circulation, as opposed to the concept of brain drain, between the Little Red Dot and Italy. To this end, the group fosters research collaborations and educational initiatives in Singapore for Italian researchers and students and promotes exchange programmes for Singaporeans interested in pursuing part of their studies in Italy.

Besides Italian researchers and students living in Singapore, the group welcomes citizens from all countries who have worked or studied in Italy in the fields of science and technology, and Italian scientists who are interested in moving to Singapore or in collaborating with Singaporean research institutions. Furthermore, the group wants to serve as a point of reference for international organizations interested in fostering collaboration between Italy and Singapore, and as a support for families of Italian researchers and technologists living in Singapore. The group was featured in Lianhe Zaobao, Singapore's premier Chinese lifestyle newspaper, on 3rd September 2012. The current group coordinator is Erik Cambria.


Main objectives of the group

1. Provide a supportive social and professional network for the growing population of Italian researchers operating in Singapore. GRIS helps members to share information and opinions on the issues that affect them: cultural, scientific, institutional and practical. We aim to provide a familiar first point of contact for those new to the realities of life in Singapore, and a forum for social and cultural interaction for all members.

2. Provide visibility to the research activities conducted by GRIS members in Singapore and Italy. We aim to facilitate collaborations and exchanges between members of the group, and especially with other research groups and institutions in the two countries, and in other countries where Italian researchers operate. We plan to maintain a database of members, including contacts and description of their research, to be made available to any person or institution interested in collaborations.

3. Organize occasional cultural and scientific events, leveraging on our professional connection and on the support of Italian and Singaporean cultural institutions.

4. Act as a catalyst in the development of academic research ties between the two countries. We aim to engage institutions in Singapore to fund projects with research groups in Italy, as well as exchanges and scholarships that will offer capable Italian researchers opportunities to work and study in Singapore.

5. Encourage Singaporean and Italian companies  involved in science and technology to make investments that will benefit the scientific and economic advancement of both countries. We aim to provide independent and unbiased advice, capitalizing on our familiarity with research in both countries.

6. Encourage Singaporean and Italian governments and institutions to promote and financially support private R&D enterprises that embark in collaboration projects between the two Countries. In addition, propose ways in which more efficient collaborations can be conducted, to stimulate creativity in the realization of new products to the benefit of all parties.


Research and academic openings at major Singaporean institutes are listed on the official websites of the National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), and the National Institute of Education (NIE).

For example, NTU offers a lot of job opportunities for both short- and long-term stays. For short-term research visits, check NTU global programs, e.g., the Summer Research Internship (SRI) program. A good number of scholarships is also available for long-term research attachments, e.g., Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA).

The Agency for Science, Technology & Research (A*STAR) also offers a wide range of job opportunities, both in the scientific and non-scientific fields; from research positions at all levels in a wide range of biomedical, scientific and engineering fields to management and administrative positions essential to ensure the smooth running of the research institutes. Applications are welcome from scientists at all stages of their careers, from those just finishing their graduate studies to senior established scientists.

More research opportunities are available at Careers@Gov.

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